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    2. Dong Yang AoLong Nonwoven Equipment Co., Ltd.

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      Contact:Mr. Zhu

      Add: No.23 ,Aolong Road(Zeng An road), Xicheng Industrial Development Zone, Dongyang, Zhejiang, China

      Bonding Advantage of Ultrasonic Quilting Machine

      1.Bonding of materials with different metling points.

      2.No radiant heat that would melt material and fibers outside the bonding pattern.Materials remain soft and retain air permeability.

      3.Lower energy consumption than other methods resulting in major costs savings.

      4.Immediate production:No start-up delays due to heat-up times.

      5.Cold weld tools allow bonding high loft nonwovens with execeptional bond strength.

      6.Compared to adhesive bonding technologies,ultrasonic bonding offers major advantages:

      Cost savings through elimination of adhesives and other consumables.

      Elimination of logistics to purchase,stock,and deliver adhesives.

      No dependency on the availabiltity and increasing prices.

      Higher machine efficiency and up-time by elimination of overspray and other adhesive contamination issues.

      Safe operation without hot, pressurized adhesives.

      Bonding and embossing in various forms and shapes possible.

      Better wet strength of the product.